Our patented technology was invented at Clemson University by Dr. Adam Hoover and Dr. Eric Muth. More information about ongoing research can be found here.

Bite Technologies was founded in 2009 specifically to commercialize the intellectual property associated with the Bite Counter. Early prototypes tested in laboratory studies were custom constructed and tethered. Bite Technologies refined the technology and initiated small-scale manufacturing of a watch-like self-contained version of the device. Marketing to the research community began in 2012. Our offices are located in Pendleton, SC, in the Griffith Incubator (pictured above). This 18,000+ sq. ft. facility houses several university start-up companies.

We are a South Carolina Launch company and proudly recognize that all our manufacturing takes place entirely with the state of South Carolina.

Our corporate objective is to continue to innovate in the field of measuring energy intake and serve as the tech transfer incubator for related research at Clemson University. Bite Technologies holds exclusive sub-licensing rights and is actively pursuing arrangements with large-scale consumer electronics companies to integrate and market the technology to consumers.

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