Doesn't food type matter? A bite of chocolate is very different from a bite of celery.
That's true. However, the caloric content of a bite averages out over the long term. People also tend to eat the same foods week to week, further stabilizing the calorie/bite relationship.
Different people eat different types of foods, for example a fast-food heavy diet versus a vegetarian diet. How does this affect the Bite Counter?
  The calorie/bite relationship can be calibrated using a 1 day to 1 week observation period. Just as different people require different numbers of calories, established by personal characteristics, the calorie/bite relationship can be customized to the individual.
Does the device know what the wearer is eating?
  No, the device does not measure nutritional information.
Which hand is it worn on?
  The Bite Counter is worn on the wrist of the dominant hand, which is what a typical person uses to eat most of their food.
What if a person eats with both hands?
  On average, people consume over 90% of their food with the dominant hand and approximately 50% of their liquid with the dominant hand. In cases where both hands are used, the motion of the dominant hand is often still recognizable by the Bite Counter.
What if a person talks and gestures while eating?
  The Bite Counter can get confused by some non-eating motions, such as using a napkin, adjusting glasses, and some types of arm gestures. However, people tend to conduct the same amount of these types of motions meal to meal, minimizing their effect on long-term tracking of intake.
How big is it?
  The Bite Counter is a small, discreet device. It is similar in look and feel to a "retro-watch".
Is it waterproof?
  No. The device is not waterproof or water resistant.
Can I change the watchband?
  Yes. Any watch band that can loop through the device can be used with the device.
Do you recommend a Bite Counter diet?
  The Bite Counter can work with any nutritional plan. It should be used to help more accurately measure and track how much is eaten.
How does it compare to other tools people use?
  Exercise equipment can measure energy expenditure and scales can measure weight change, but there are no tools that easily measure energy intake. Food diaries and 24-hour recalls require much more effort and do not provide real-time feedback during eating.
Does it shock me to tell me to stop eating?
  No. However, it has an audible alarm that can be set to go off during each meal when a custom-set limit is passed, or a single alarm for the day. The alarm sounds every time another bite is eaten.
Why does it cost so much?
  This is the professional version and is priced comparably to profesional physical activity monitoring watches. A consumer version is under development, for which the price is expected to drop significantly.
What is the intended market?
  The professional version is being marketed to scientists, weight loss experts and early adopters. The Bite Counter has the potential to augment any weight management plan. We want to get our device in the hands of as many experts as possible to explore its potential for advancing the state-of-the-art in weight management.
Do you offer any discounts for orders of more than one device?
  Yes, please contact us for bulk order discount pricing at
I need a replacement band, USB cable or charger, how do I get one?
  Please contact us for replacement parts at